News 25 Feb 2024

47 Employees Of Fenaka Corporation Participated in the Customer care and Leadership Training Program

The Customer Care and Leadership Training Program was a collaborative effort between Fenaka Institute for Training and Research and Skill Hub, aimed at enhancing the customer service skills and leadership qualities of the employees. The two-day program, held in Raa. Hulhudhufaaru, provided a platform for 47 employees from Fenaka branches in Raa and Baa Atoll to learn and develop essential skills to improve their performance in their respective roles. The program covered various aspects of customer care, effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership techniques, empowering the participants with the necessary tools to excel in their professional roles.

Through interactive workshops, group activities, and real-life case studies, the participants were able to enhance their understanding of customer needs and expectations, as well as develop strategies to meet those needs effectively. Additionally, the leadership training component provided valuable insight into effective leadership styles and techniques, equipping the employees with the skills to motivate and guide their teams towards achieving organizational goals. Overall, the training program was a valuable opportunity for the employees to acquire new knowledge and skills, ultimately contributing to the improvement of customer service and leadership within Fenaka branches in the region.

Fenaka Institute has been organizing various training programs for employees of Fenaka branches nationwide. The institute is dedicated to conducting more training and development initiatives to improve the knowledge and skills of its staff in the coming years.

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