News 16 Oct 2023

Employee of the Month Award Winners for August 2023

Fenaka Corporation Limited has recently announced the Employee of the Month winners for August 2023.

The award is given to one outstanding employee from each of the five zones, which includes Zone A (HA. atoll, HDh. atoll and Sh. Atoll), Zone B (N. atoll, R. atoll, B. atoll, Lh. atoll and K. atoll), Zone C (ADh. atoll, M. atoll, F. atoll, Dh. atoll and Th. atoll), Zone D (L. atoll, GA. atoll, GDh. atoll, Gn. atoll and S. atoll), and the Head Office.

The winners of the Employee of the Month awards for March 2023 are as follows:

1. Zone A: Abdul Raheem Adam (Technician, HDh. Nolhivaram Branch)

2. Zone B: Ibrahim Fayaz (Technician, B. Thulhaadhoo Branch)

3. Zone C: Sameeha Ismail (Senior Officer, M. Mulak Branch)

4. Zone D: Ibrahim Waheed Mohamed (Senior Supervisor , GN. Fuvamulah Branch)

5. Head Office: Haifa Abdulla (Senior Officer, Secretariat, Head Office)

The Employee of the Month award is a recognition initiative started by the current management in February 2019 to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of exceptional employees. Head of all departments and Station In-Charge of all islands are required to nominate employees from their respective departments who have demonstrated exceptional performance levels.

By honoring and recognizing the efforts of their employees, Fenaka Corporation Limited aims to create a culture of excellence and motivate its workforce to continually strive for better performance and achievement.

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