News 18 Sep 2023

Managing Director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed recognized among the Top 10 Business Leaders from South Asia - 2023

True leaders in business are those who not only excel at their duties but also leave an everlasting imprint on the lives of their staff and the organizations they represent. Such leaders are rare diamonds, and in 2023, the spotlight shines vibrantly on Managing Director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed, who is recognized as one of the Top 10 Business Leaders from South Asia – 2023 by CEO Insights Asia Magazine. This prestigious accolade is a testament to Ahmed Saeed Mohamed’s remarkable contributions to Fenaka Corporation Limited and his unwavering commitment to serve the nation.

Since his commencement as the Managing Director of Fenaka Corporation Limited, he has transformed the company in more ways than one. His story is one of determination, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of success. Upon joining the company in 2018, he embarked on a mission to propel the company to new heights. Fenaka has seen exceptional development and success under his leadership. His strategic insight and visionary leadership have enabled the company to significantly expand our reach, diversify our service offerings, and enhance our standing in the industry. Today, we are a bright example of what can be accomplished when visionary leadership is matched with an unwavering commitment.

A Renewed Workplace: The Redesign of Fenaka's Head Office

Since Ahmed Saeed Mohamed took charge of office as the Managing Director of Fenaka Corporation Limited, he set out to create a workplace that would inspire and uplift employees. As a testament to his dedication to the staff's working environment, he spearheaded the complete redesign and renovation of all the departments of the company.

This transformative effort has not only enhanced the aesthetics of the workspace but has also improved the overall work environment, fostering creativity, productivity, and employee satisfaction. It stands as a tangible testament to his commitment to providing the best possible working conditions for his team.

Compassionate Health Care Assistance for Employees

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's compassion extends beyond the office walls. He has consistently arranged medical assistance for employees in need, ensuring they receive the care and support necessary to overcome health challenges. This commitment to staff well-being reflects his understanding that a healthy workforce is crucial to the success of any organization.

Fenaka Institute for Training and Research: A Hub of Learning

One of the most transformative initiatives under Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's leadership has been the establishment of the Fenaka Institute for Training and Research. This visionary institution has opened doors to education and personal development not only for staff members but also for the public.

Through the institute, employees have gained the opportunity to pursue Bachelor's and Master's degree programs from other universities while continuing their employment at Fenaka Corporation Limited. This groundbreaking move has empowered individuals to pursue higher education and career advancement, breaking down barriers that once hindered personal and professional growth. The Institute also plays a pivotal role in facilitating career growth for our dedicated staff who have accumulated years of practical experience without formal certifications. This institute offers them a unique opportunity to acquire the necessary qualifications, unlocking new horizons for career advancement and personal development.

Recognizing Excellence: Introduced Employee of the Month Award

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed prioritizes the significance of acknowledging and incentivizing excellence within the organization. He introduced the Employee of the Month award, a monthly recognition program that celebrates outstanding employees from the five zones (Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, Zone D, and Head Office) through a dedicated committee. The employees of the month winners are rewarded with MVR 2000.

In addition, we also honor one exceptional individual with the prestigious Employee of the Year award. This accolade is bestowed upon the staff member who has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance throughout the year. As a token of our appreciation and recognition, the Employee of the Year is rewarded with an Umra trip for two people. This is to show appreciation for the dedication and exceptional contributions of our top-performing employees, fostering a culture of recognition and motivation.

Ensuring Fair Pay and Career Progression

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's leadership has also had a profound impact on the remuneration of employees. He was among the first Managing Directors across all industries to implement the minimum wage policy, guaranteeing fair compensation for all employees. This change has significantly improved and strengthened the salary structure of the company.

Furthermore, high-performing employees have received promotions and pay raises as a testament to their dedication and contribution to the company's success. Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's recognition of their efforts has motivated and incentivized employees to excel in skill development and learning.

Comprehensive Benefits: Attractive incentives and work-life balance.

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed also revamped the company's leave structure to prioritize employee well-being. Instead of pay cuts during annual leave, employees now receive an annual leave allowance which is 60% of their basic salary which rests as an additional incentive, encouraging them to take the time off they deserve for their overall health and work-life balance.

He implemented additional progressive changes in Fenaka’s leave structure, offering a maternity leave of six months and a paternity leave of one month. This significant adjustment reflects Fenaka’s commitment to supporting family life and ensuring a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all employees.

Fenaka Recreation Club: Enhancing Employee Engagement

Under the leadership of Ahmed Saeed Mohamed, the Fenaka Recreation Club (FRC) has been empowered with increased authority and resources. FRC has played an active role in supporting sports tournaments across various islands, providing financial assistance and essential resources. Moreover, FRC has successfully organized numerous tournaments for staff participation, fostering stronger relationships within the organization. This proactive approach to promoting sports and camaraderie reflects Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's dedication to employee well-being and highlights the positive impact of his leadership on enhancing the recreational aspects of Fenaka Corporation Limited.

Focusing on Infrastructure and Sustainability

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's foresight and ambition have driven the initiation of numerous infrastructure projects. These include the construction of 80 new powerhouses to enhance power capacity and service quality, and the creation of 120 new office buildings, providing a superior working environment for staff.

Fenaka underwent a significant transformation in its infrastructure and work environment under Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's visionary leadership. Previously, the administrative and customer service office was situated within the powerhouse building. However, Ahmed Saeed Mohamed recognized the importance of separating these functions, creating distinct environments for office administrative employees and customers.

This separation was driven by his belief that office spaces should provide a quiet and smoke-free environment, distinct from the powerhouse where noise and harmful emissions could affect both employees and customers. As part of this commitment to safety and quality, all powerhouses were equipped with the necessary safety materials.

Furthermore, Fenaka also achieved ISO certification, a testament to the company's commitment to international standards of quality and efficiency under his leadership. This certification not only ensures a safer and more productive work environment but also enhances the overall value and reputation of the company.

Nonetheless, his dedication to corporate social responsibility is evident through the execution of countless CSR projects that benefit communities and the environment alike. Furthermore, the rehabilitation of power grids and the increasing capacity of Electric Generator Sets have ensured a more reliable and efficient service to customers.

Enhancing Logistics: Impact on Fenaka's Operational Capacity

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed has also facilitated a significant increase in Fenaka’s logistical capacity. With operations spanning across 156 islands in the Maldives, Fenaka faces the daily challenge of transporting materials and facilitating travel. The strategic acquisition of four additional speed launches has significantly bolstered Fenaka's speed vessel fleet, bringing the total to eight speed vessels in operation. This expansion not only reduces costs but also enhances operational efficiency, ensuring that services are delivered swiftly and efficiently to the customers. Nevertheless, he also facilitated the provision of vehicles to several islands enhancing Fenaka's capacity to meet its logistical challenges effectively. These investments underscore his commitment to operational excellence and have undoubtedly propelled Fenaka Corporation Limited toward greater success and productivity.

Embracing Digitization

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's commitment to service excellence extends to the adoption of cutting-edge technology. The introduction of new billing software and device enabling online bill payments and on the spot bill printing, the Fenaka Mobile Application and the creation of a new official website have streamlined customer interactions and improved user experiences.

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's commitment to enhancing customer experience is exemplified by the implementation of Smart Electric Meters and Smart Water Meters. These innovative meters empower customers with greater control and transparency over their utility usage, encouraging responsible consumption while fostering efficiency.

In addition to these advancements, during his tenure in office, Fenaka started Meter Testing Bench service, a significant move that addressed a crucial issue in the accessibility of meter testing services. Prior to this initiative, only STELCO provided electricity meter testing. Given Fenaka's extensive reach in the Maldives, customers from various islands can now access these services quickly and conveniently.

The Meter Testing Bench is a remarkable addition, capable of testing 75 meters within an hour, ensuring that requests received each day can be tested on the same day. It accommodates all meter types, including smart meters, and is accessible in all islands and Fenaka offices. Application forms for this service can be easily downloaded from the website, making the process streamlined and accessible.

A Sustainable Future: Solar Panels and Renewable Energy

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed's environmental consciousness is apparent through the increased promotion and installation of solar panels for customers under the Home Solar Program. This initiative not only reduces energy costs for consumers but also contributes to the broader goal of sustainable energy use, aligning Fenaka Corporation Limited with reaching the Net Zero goal by 2030.

The current leadership stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassionate and visionary leadership. The unwavering commitment to staff well-being, development, and empowerment has created a thriving workplace culture.

Transformational Leadership: Fostering Engagement and Accountability

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed symbolizes a transformative leadership style that has had a significant influence on Fenaka. His leadership approach focuses on fostering an engaged environment in which team members are encouraged to develop confidence and accountability.

Ahmed Saeed Mohamed has articulated an inspiring vision for the organization, helping employees align their efforts with a greater purpose. He has shown a commitment to keeping employees relevant in their roles by encouraging professional development and skill enhancement.

His relentless devotion to timeliness and discipline is perhaps one of the most visible manifestations of his leadership. Ahmed Saeed Mohamed has constantly set a fantastic benchmark by never being late to work since his arrival in 2018. This timeliness is more than just obedience to schedules; it is a tangible manifestation of his strong devotion to Fenaka and immense respect for his responsibilities.

True leaders are those who inspire, empower, and leave a legacy. Ahmed Saeed Mohamed has proved to be a well-deserved leader to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Business Leaders from South Asia in 2023.

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