News 29 Aug 2023

President Inaugurates L. Fonadhoo New Office after 11 years

His Excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih presided over a momentous occasion as he unveiled the state-of-the-art Fenaka Office Building in L. Fonadhoo. The inauguration ceremony on August 29, 2023, marked the beginning of a transformative chapter for the island community, as the outdated office of the past 12 years was replaced with a modern and highly efficient facility.

Spanning an impressive area of 6000 square feet, the newly designed office building is a reflection of careful planning and consideration for the changing needs of the island. The building has three floors, each thoughtfully tailored to serve various functions. The ground floor houses a welcoming reception area, administrative office, a well-equipped meeting room, a mess room, a security room, and ample storage space, along with four restrooms. The first-floor features four supervisor rooms, a manager's room, a spacious conference room, and four additional restrooms. Furthermore, the second floor accommodates a comfortable two-bedroom apartment, complete with a kitchen and a storeroom, as well as a spacious terrace. The facility has been meticulously designed to comfortably accommodate a minimum of 54 employees, ensuring a conducive and efficient work environment.

The primary focus of the office's design centers around elevating customer service and enhancing the overall working conditions for the dedicated staff. By providing modern amenities and optimizing the office layout, the administration aims to streamline operations, leading to improved service delivery for the residents of L. Fonadhoo. The office's comfortable and inviting atmosphere further promotes productivity and fosters a pleasant workspace for the staff.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, reaffirming the government's unwavering commitment to providing essential infrastructure and services to the people of L. Fonadhoo. The new Fenaka Office Building stands as a symbol of progress, symbolizing the administration's dedication to enhancing service quality and accessibility for the island's residents.

As the nation embarks on this journey of progress and development, the residents of Fonadhoo can look forward to a more efficient and customer-oriented approach to service delivery. With the inauguration of this modern office building, our vision for a stronger and more empowered island community takes a significant step forward in becoming a reality.

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