News 10 Aug 2023

President Inaugurates GA.Kolamaafushi New office after 14 Years

His Excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih presided over the inauguration ceremony of new two-storey office building of GA.Kolamaafushi on August 10, 2023, symbolizing a significant step towards employee well-being and enhanced customer service. The event, held on the island, showcased the commitment to providing a better working environment for the staff and improving administrative services.

The new office building spans 4000sqft, providing ample space to accommodate a minimum of 80 employees. It encompasses essential facilities such as a reception area, meeting room, manager rooms, administrative departments, restroom, store, pantry, toilets, and terrace. This modern workspace aims to foster productivity and efficiency while ensuring the comfort and convenience of the staff.

Previously, administrative operations and services were conducted in the former Fenaka office located inside the powerhouse building. However, the relocation of these functions to the new office building signifies a significant improvement. Working in high noise areas can pose substantial risks to the staff's well-being. Prolonged exposure to excessive noise levels can lead to permanent hearing loss, communication difficulties, increased stress, and impaired concentration. By moving the office to a separate, quieter environment, the employees' health and safety are prioritized.

The new office building not only addresses the employees' well-being but also aims to provide enhanced customer service. With a more spacious and organized setup, the staff can efficiently serve customers and respond to their needs. Moreover, the office building adheres to the company's health and safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment and minimizing work-related risks and hazards.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's presence at the inauguration ceremony highlights the commitment of Fenaka to prioritize the welfare of its employees and the satisfaction of its customers. The new office building stands as a testament to the company's dedication to continuous improvement and progress. It sets the stage for a better, cleaner, and more satisfying working environment, fostering employee productivity and enhancing customer service on GA.Kolamaafushi Island.

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