News 22 Dec 2022

Employee of the Month Award winners for November 2022

Employee of the Month Awards has been handed to the winners for the month of November 2022.

Each month, one employee from each of the Zone A (HA. atoll, HDh. atoll and Sh. Atoll), Zone B (N. atoll, R. atoll, B. atoll, Lh. atoll and K. atoll), Zone C (ADh. atoll, M. atoll, F. atoll, Dh. atoll and Th. atoll), Zone D (L. atoll, GA. atoll, GDh. atoll, Gn. atoll and S. atoll), and Head office is selected to receive the award.

November 2022’s employee of the month for each zone are mentioned below.

1. Zone A: Mohamed Moosa (HDh. Kulhudhuffushi Branch)

2. Zone B: Dhimna Ahmed Jaavid (N. Maalhendhoo Branch)

3. Zone C: Inaya Ahmed (M. Mulaku Branch)

4. Zone D: Ahmed Rafeeq (Gn. Fuahmulah Branch)

5. Head Office: Ahmed Shamaail (Head Office)

Head of all departments and branches are required to nominate employees that deserve to be recognized for hard work.

The Employee of the Month recognition was initiated in February 2019 by the current management, as a way of distinguishing the performance level of hardworking employees in the company.

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