News 17 Nov 2022

Inauguration of Electricity meter testing services at Fenaka

With the use of a cutting-edge, internationally recognized meter testing bench, Fenaka Corporation Limited has started offering electrical meter testing services.

The meter testing services were launched this morning at the head office during a ceremony presided over by Chairman Mohamed Rasheed and Managing Director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed.

Electricity meter testing was only offered by one company up until recently, which posed a major obstacle for the public to accessing the service.

Since Fenaka provides electricity services to a large fraction of the Maldives, customers from the islands can now get these services quickly and conveniently.

The testing bench can test 75 meters in one hour, and the requests received from each day the meter can be tested the same day. All meter types, including smart meters, will be tested on this bench. It is available in all islands, and our offices. Application form can be downloaded from the website (Same as the electricity service request form).

Additionally, Fenaka's launch of this service would result in a reduction in the price of meter testing services, which would benefit the public more broadly.

In the future, the public would likewise benefit from the start of these services on all the islands.

Fenaka aim to revolutionize the basic services in the industry by making technical services available to the public conveniently.

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