News 3 Jan 2022

Fenaka to be the primary contributor to the Government's commitment to the Final Phase of Water and Sewerage

The majority of the government's final phase water and sewerage system development projects in 23 inhabited islands have been given to Fenaka Corporation.

On 29th December 2021, the Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure handed over 70% of the project to Fenaka, which includes 16 water projects and 5 sewerage projects worth more than MVR 600 million.

It is a monumental moment in Fenaka's history, as this is the biggest ever project contracted to Fenaka.

Fenaka currently manages the water and sewerage systems in the majority of island nations of the Maldives. The company believes that obtaining the majority of the projects demonstrates that the company's stake in providing basic services has been accepted by all parties and that the company has earned the public's trust and confidence.

Fenaka is confident and committed to establishing modern water and sewerage systems on islands before the project deadlines.

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