News 21 Oct 2021

Narudhoo New Powerhouse completed : A Long Term Solution to Prolonged Electrical Issues.

The new powerhouse being built in Sh. Narudhoo has come to operation on 19th October 2021. The powerhouse was built under the government's policy to relocate old powerhouses at the center of residential areas to isolated areas with modern resources.

According to Fenaka Narudhoo Branch, generators and other equipment which were in old powerhouse have been transferred to the new powerhouse and electricity generation has now begun from the new powerhouse. A generator of 250 kW will be used to provide electricity to the island  of more then 600 people.

The Branch also noted that the new powerhouse has solved the space constraints experienced in the old powerhouse. The new powerhouse building also includes a state-of-the-art office building. The office block will provide services to the customers without any difficulties.

While the old powerhouse has caused tremendous difficulties to the islanders and especially those residing at close proximity, the new powerhouse will be crucial in resolving the issues and provide an electricity service that customers can put in their trust.

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