News 18 Oct 2021

Fenaka Joins Kendhikulhudhoo Tree Planting Campaign

Fenaka Noonu Kendhikulhudhoo Branch participated in a tree plantation program organized by Kendhikulhudhoo Council. The event was further joined by several institutions of the island. Under this program the aim is to plant a total of 10,000 trees by joined institutions of the island.

Fenaka Kendhikulhudhoo branch stated that according the island council, the main purpose of this program is to plant more trees in an attempt to make the island more greener.

Under this program, Fenaka Kendhikulhudhoo branch has started to plant palm trees in the island from today onwards. The palm trees will be planted at different locations of the island including the branch powerhouse area and office block area.

Fenaka will always be willing to join such campaigns to make islands greener and to curb the effects of climate change.

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