News 4 Oct 2021

Fenaka provides Gensets to 3 Islands

Fenaka Corporation Limited has provided generator sets (gensets) to Baa Fulhadhoo, Raa Innamaadhoo and Shaviyani Narudhoo. A 250 kW genset was provided to Baa Fulhadhoo and Sh. Narudhoo, while Raa Innamaadhoo received a 400 kW genset. These gensets were provided as a part of the ongoing electricity upgrade projects throughout the Fenaka branches.

These gensets are expected to bring a long-term solution to the sufferings of islanders due to lack of stable power previously experienced by these islands. The instability had caused several issues such as power outages and faults to expensive electrical appliances. The dire electricity problem has also been hindrance to economic and social activities carried out in these islands. Fenaka’s Managing Director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed had closely monitored the situation and visited these islands. The new gensets and electricity upgrade projects in these islands are expected to provide a positive solution to the grievances of the islanders.

The new gensets will be installed at the earliest to start electricity generation from them. According to Fenaka branches in the islands, they are currently undertaking the works to install the generator sets in the powerhouses.

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