News 17 Sep 2021

Fenaka Seeks Contracter to interconnect the power grids of Goidhoo, Fulhadhoo and Fehendhoo.

Fenaka Corporation has issued an announcement seeking a contractor for the project to interconnect the power grids of Baa Atoll Goidhoo, Fulhadhoo and Fehendhoo.

The power grids of the three islands will be interconnected through an underwater submarine cable network.

Fenaka stated that the central powerhouse of the interconnected grid will be located in the largest island, Goidhoo among the three islands.

The total population of the three islands is about 1,500 and all these islands lie in close proximity with each other in the same lagoon, in Baa Atoll.

Fenaka stated that interested parties can register for the project until 19th October. According to the tender announcement, the project is open for both local and foreign companies. and the project requires a bid security of USD 10,000 or its equivalent in Maldivian Rufiya. 

Fenaka noted that upon completion of this project the electricity services provided in all three islands will be greatly improved.

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