News 9 Sep 2021

Sh. Narudhoo School Students visit Fenaka Narudhoo branch on a Field Trip

Sh. Narudhoo Fenaka branch welcomed Grade 10 Students of Sh. Narudhoo School on a field trip to take a tour of the powerhouse and office building of the branch.

During the visit Narudhoo branch officials provided information to students on how energy is generated in the branch power house and how the systems works.

The students were given the opportunity to understand how the theories they study in classrooms are put into practice in real life.

Furthermore the students were provided information regarding the services provided to the island by Fenaka. They were also provided information on how the services have revolved over the years and the innovative technologies that the company is working to bring.

The main aims of these programs is to create awareness with regard to the works and career opportunities available at Fenaka, and create interest in young minds for innovative and technical works.

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