Articles 9 Sep 2020

Tips to save water

Water is necessary for the sustenance of human life. While the supply seems abundant, water is not a limitless resource.

Water consumption is an energy intensive task and saving water helps conserve that excess energy also saving money. It reduces the effects of drought and water shortages. We experience water shortages during the Sunny season and saving water can help the community as a whole. Its time to start saving the planet and your wallet.

A few things you could do to conserve water:

1. Turn the tap off

In the bathroom you can turn the tap off when you don’t need water. Turning it off when you are brushing your teeth or soaping your hands will conserve a considerable amount when accumulated after multiple times.

2. Fix Leaks

Even if you follow all the tips to conserve, you might be losing a few here and there without knowing. Maintenance of taps and areas that can leak in the toilet is very beneficial in reducing water wastage. By fixing these leaks you will be able to save money and not let water go to waste.

3. Conserve in the kitchen

In the kitchen many water waste occur and conserving water when washing dishes saves a ton. You can invest in a dishwashers as they are great to save water because they use less water for doing dishes than when done by hand.

4. Using a bowl

Using a bowl to wash fruits and vegetables helps save usable water from going down the drain as waste.

5. Getting an Eco-Friendly washing machine.

An ecofriendly washing machine will save water as they are made to use less water than traditional machines. These will help lower the water bill and save money.

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