Articles 10 Dec 2019

Tips to Save Electricity

Saving energy does good to our environment and electricity bills

Worried about electricity bills? Concerned about burning diesel harmful for the environment for energy needs?

Combined statistics from all our electricity customers show that on average 21500MW of electricity has been consumed per month in 2019. In addition, aggregate consumption has been increasing at a rate of 10% annually.

Its time to get active and start saving electricity! Here are some easy steps to get started.

  1. Switch off electrical appliances when not in use

Turning off fans, lights, air-conditions and TVs when not in use to save electricity is something we all know. However, no matter how often we are been told, we sometimes, often, or always forget. So why not put up reminders on doors or walls where you are bound to see. Try doing this for a month and let's see how much energy you can save.

  1. Use natural light as much as possible

With a lot of sunshine, we can get a good amount of sunlight into our homes. Instead of lighting your rooms with bulbs, draw up your curtains and let natural light fill in your rooms. Also, keep it in mind to build your houses in a way that allows in a lot of natural light.

  1. Keep air conditioners at 25°C

Keeping air conditioners at 25°C is sufficient for a climate such as ours. Another important point to note is that all doors and windows should be closed in an air-conditioned room. Also rather than frequently turning on and off the air-conditioners, it is always better to keep them on for the duration.

  1. Use energy-saving electrical appliances

Using energy-saving appliances can reduce energy costs significantly. Such appliances are now easily available and come with labels such as Energy Star indicative of energy efficiency. Next time you buy a new electrical appliance, look for the energy-efficient label.

  1. Replace your light bulbs

Traditional incandescent lights consume more energy than the light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Replacing your bulbs to LED lights not only helps you to save energy but also is very long-lasting compared to traditional lights. 

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