Articles 7 Nov 2019

Zero Tolerance for Corruption

Nazaahaaitherikan - Halaal Masakkai - Thaahiru Dhiriulhun

Ensuring that all our business activities are free from corruption is our topmost priority. Under the leadership of our current Managing Director Mr. Saeed, the company has been taking steps to identify loopholes in the system and replacing them with more firm and efficient processes and systems.

Under the slogan “nazaahaaitherikan, halal masakkai, thaahiru dhiriulhun” transliterated as “honesty, halal work, clean life” Fenaka has been thriving to standardize the quality of the utility services the company provides and also climb upstairs in solidifying our corporate responsibility.

As a result of affirmative leadership taken by MD Saeed, in the year 2019 Fenaka has for the first time in history commenced and executed the most number of developmental projects including powerhouse relocation, grid rehabilitation, and water and sewerage projects in a single year. 

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